Years of scientific expertise and knowledge have been invested in creating a robust and advanced state-of-the art facial recognition and emotion analytics framework. At the forefront of imaging science and computer vision for several decades, our team has published over 350 papers in refereed journals. Additionally, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) has supported TSN’s research and development over several years to provide advanced technology for applications that contribute to solutions in online education specifically as well as in many other fields where there is a widespread adoption of technology.

We proudly provide a comprehensive suite of products inspired by developers, including SDKs and Cloud APIs.


The purpose of this technology is to give the instructor feedback about the engagement or attentiveness of his/her virtual students. This graphic shows the instructor at his console teaching a virtual audience. On the screen to the far right, the instructor can see the percentage level of attentiveness of each student in the audience.

Cloud APIs

TSN’s Cloud API’s allows you the developer access to EITL’s application in real-time. Our Cloud API processes your video in real-time in the Cloud and then provides emotional analytics.